My aim is to empower YOU through some personalised coaching and psycho-education to overcome negative thought patterns and align behaviours with your authentic self.


We will work well together if you:

  1. Struggle with some negative thinking patterns or find yourself caught in cycles of self-doubt, or rumination.  Perhaps you would like to learn some cognitive restructuring techniques to challenge and reframe your negative thoughts.
  2. Are seeking to align your actions with your true values. Some people  feel disconnected from their authentic selves or find themselves engaging in behaviours that do not align with their core beliefs and values.  This tends to hold us back from truly living the life we dream of and we can really benefit from guidance in identifying and aligning our actions with our authentic self.
  3. Experience stress, anxiety, or depression: Those dealing with heightened emotional distress, whether due to life transitions, relationship issues, work-related stress, or other factors, can benefit from learning coping strategies, mindfulness techniques, and behavioural interventions to manage their symptoms and improve their overall well-being.
  4. Are interested in personal growth and self-improvement: People who have a desire to grow personally, enhance their self-awareness, and cultivate a deeper understanding of themselves may find value in the introspective nature of coaching and psychoeducation, as it can facilitate greater insight and self-discovery.
  5. Seek sustainable change and long-term fulfilment: Those who are motivated to make lasting changes in their lives and are committed to investing in their personal development may benefit from the holistic approach offered, which aims to address underlying issues and promote enduring transformation.
  6. Are navigating life transitions or major life changes: Whether it’s midlife transitions, career changes, parenting stages, relationship shifts, or other significant life events, individuals facing periods of transition can benefit from support in managing their emotions, adapting to change, and finding clarity and purpose amidst uncertainty.

Personalised Programmes

All my material and coaching interventions are created from positive psychology, behavioural science and neurobiology. My own masters research which integrated positive psychology into the childbirth experience also influences my practice.  I work holistically with you using my background in healthcare and psychology to create a package for your care that is entirely:

●   Designed with you in mind.

●   Supporting your development from the prospective viewpoint – we do not need to delve into a challenging background, but can take things from where you are with kindness and compassion. 
●   Evidence based and using expertise alongside positive psychology theories to support your progress and plans.
●   Focused on your  positive life change with mental fitness and a flourishing mind.


 Professional Psychology Coach

 EMCC Senior Practitioner / Mental Fitness Coach

With a wealth of experience in midwifery, psychology and behavioural science. Jo now supports psychological wellbeing for you and the whole family.

Supporting Science and Psychological Theories


self efficacy / self esteem / positive effect

Acceptance Commitment Therapy

Mindfulness / Self Compassion / Awareness

Psychological Flexibility

Neurological growth and adaptation

Neurobiology and Neuroscience

Emotional and thought processing

Behavioural Science

Motivation, habit building and confidence


Approachable, adaptive, excellent

Jo is focused on working with you to help you meet your goals while paying attention to your personal needs.

Professional and non-judgmental

I always felt comfortable and relaxed with Jo, she is very professional and non-judgmental

A great motivator

Jo is an absolute joy to work with! She helped me understand my mental blocks.

What is Positive Psychology?

How Does it Effect My Coaching?

The concept to ‘Flourish Your Mind’ arises from the PERMA theory of well-being. 

It supports our ability to work towards optimal health through five components.




A master’s in positive psychology and coaching psychology provides a grounded  knowledge of theoretical and research based strategies to support flourishing.  Driving a positive change to life balance and a focus on mental wealth.

Positive psychology promotes mental wellness with tools and applications that support personal strengths and values, along with an awareness and acceptance of our limitations.

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