Mental Fitness


Building Powerful habits for a Positive Mind.

Join a “Flourish Your Mind Mental Fitness lunch and learn” session, to take the first step in this journey. You will get some free tips, learn about the benefits for you AND – have a good laugh.

I offer an Internationally renowned 6 week programme which provides all the ingredients to properly establish the basic principles and the early habits which can lead you to a different life, where you can access the calm, reliable person you are anytime, any place.

Designed to create freedom from the negative thoughts that are holding you back, this programme uses  a focused approach of combined activities to detect, redirect and empower your mind to healthier patterns.  This programme can create sustained change in your everyday life, improving relationships, work, productivity, mental capacity and more.


Success – is our aim

Incorporating cognitive behaviour theory, neuroscience, positive psychology and performance psychology, this 6 week programme is set to launch you onto a new path.

Release your inner sage powers to discover the true you, the you that loves life and values the gifts and opportunities it brings.

6 Weeks

A new theme each week provides new content and direction. It is engaging, interesting and designed to help you succeed.

Weekly videos guide your practice and development in this mind enhancing operating system.

Daily Practice

Simply offer 15 minutes per day and watch your muscles grow as you develop new habits that will last a lifetime.

Each day your practice can be divided into shorter bursts that are easy to do and do not require a quiet space.

Solid Support

  • Your programme will be guided and led by your mental fitness coach. Our weekly meetings and text chats maintain your motivation and enthusiasm.


  • A small group of likeminded individuals will join you for your meetings to boost support and confidence through the programme. One to one sessions are also available.


Is this programme right for me?

This is the right programme for you if you are

1. Committed to making a definite change to re-wire years of mental habits that have not served you well.

2. Looking for a programme that is contemporary and based on scientific research

3. Willing to move forward to improve your personal performance and reduce stress.

Aren’t negative emotions helpful?

motions that are negative, sometimes linger and begin causing us additional challenges.

Consider pain for a moment. Feeling pain for a split second is useful as an alert. For example, when your hand touches something hot, you’ll be alerted to remove your hand quickly.

With negative emotions there’s also no benefit to keeping your hand on heat.

You have saboteurs within your mind that are very keen on keeping your hand on the heat, resulting in you dwelling in that negative space.

This does not serve you well and can also harm others around you.

Your performance, health and your happiness are dragged down.

In this program we learn to use negative emotions as a helpful alert, and then quickly shift to the calm region of the brain that has clarity, objectivity, and creativity to handle the challenge most effectively.

What if I’m worried about having the time to do this?

This programme can be easily adapted to any busy schedule. With 2 minute commitments interspersed through the day, it is time efficient.

The weekly videos can be considered a new 6 episode, TV series that you are fascinated by. They also can be broken down into smaller chunks.

Imagine this could really work. Just think for a moment about how that might be for you, for others?

Do you have time not to?

Most people go to their grave not addressing this simple technique. Not knowing there is another way. Will that be you?

Will this work if I’m not great at building new habits.

This programme is designed with habit building success at the forefront.

If you haven’t been great at building new habits in the past you are not alone. It is really hard to do.

That’s why the individual elements of this programme are all so relevant.

  1. Having a dedicated, professionally managed app which encourages you to to succeed every step of the way.
  2. Making the habits SMALL – 2 minutes is less time than it takes making a cup of tea, brushing your teeth, washing your hands.
  3. Making the habits EASY – you can listen on the app anywhere anytime, and before no time at all you will start to incorporate the habit into your daily routines.
  4. Building the habit into your current habits – every time you wash your hands, brush your teeth or eat your first mouthful of food, you will remember the new habit.


Success – is our aim

This programme is valued all over the world, uses evidence based principles, and works to release your mind of debilitating negative thoughts.

Positive Intelligence can support you to build healthy relationships, enhance performance and improve your wellbeing.

Be guided by a comprehensive app which supports your progress through the course.
Be supported by a qualified mental fitness coach with weekly meetings.

Receive weekly videos to aid your development.

Have the programme focus on your personal needs.

Use our thriving community to push your personal goals.

Committed Practice

15 minutes per day – broken down to 2-5 minute snapshots

1 hour video per week

45 min coach meeting per week

Short daily reflection

Brief support interaction with pod members

Building Three Core Muscles

This 6 week programme is the starting point for your new life. A flourishing life, where you can identify thoughts and feelings that are unhelpful to you and choose a different enlightening way.

You will discover and develop three new mental muscles to begin your journey.

Self Command Muscle – Recent neuroscience finds that our brain is more flexible than we thought. We can adapt our unhelpful thought patterns and create new ones that serve us well. This programme will develop this muscle and allow a productive focus whilst resisting distracting thoughts.

Saboteur Interceptor Muscle – This muscle is a game changer, we can develop the ability to intercept the saboteurs that create havoc in our minds and our lives. Negative thoughts not only prevent us from being happy, productive or having healthy relationships they also tend to increase over time causing further distress and discomfort.

Sage Perspective Muscle – Welcome to the real you, the Sage perspective is your true essence and beauty. Your authentic wiser self that knows the answers to the difficult questions. This programme will guide you to re-discover this part of you and rejoice.

Before the programme

Most people have little command over their minds and the thoughts that emerge from moment to moment (shown here as 20%).  

They are often plagued by thoughts that cause upset or a reduced motivation, and find it difficult to intercept these saboteurs (shown here as 40%). Being alerted about potential danger is important but staying in a depressed mood is not helpful at all. 

Finding something good to come out of challenges is a challenge itself and again many people struggle to achieve this (shown as 25%)


  • Self Command Muscle 20% 20%
  • Saboteur Interceptor Muscle 40% 40%
  • Sage Perspective Muscle 25% 25%
After the programme

This programme incorporates accessible learning and habit building practices. In 6 weeks it enables you to develop real changes in how you can recognise your thought patterns, intercept the saboteurs and find something positive to arise from these challenges. 

  • Self Command Muscle 80% 80%
  • Saboteur Interceptor Muscle 74% 74%
  • Sage Perspective Muscle 65% 65%