Positive Psychology Coaching

How can It help you


How will Positive Psychology help you

This strand of psychology helps us to rediscover our strengths and inner resilience. It guides us to a feeling of personal flourishing. It allows us to gain clarity of our individuality and helps us to embrace that.  Utilising techniques which promote a discovery of the real you, of what makes your heart sing will help me to adapt practices for you which provide the clarity and guidance you are looking for.

Life coach

Whats the difference?

Coaching, Mentoring & Counselling


Used for many kinds of life changes and challenges, coaching can help to shine a light on your inner voice, allowing you to find solutions to reach your full potential.


If you require some training and guidance in a new skill or have observation in practice from someone who is experienced in that field.


For emotional problems and mental health difficulties, specific therapies help you to work through your issues and find ways to cope.