Character Strengths

Jul 27, 2022

You’ll hear plenty about using our ‘strengths’ on this website, so let me tell you a little more if this is new to you.

Pioneered by Chris Peterson and Martin Seligman, strengths-based interventions are the cornerstone of positive psychology as the evidence shows that using our assets has an overall effect of improving wellbeing. It achieves this through confidence building, improved resilience, optimism, and vitality, (Hart, 2020). Robert Biswas-Diener claims that incorporating positive psychology into the coaching environment provides a scientific strengths-based approach to the reflective listening conversation, (Biswas-Diener, 2010). A wide variety of strengths-based interventions can be incorporated into the coaching session, and there’s plenty of evidence that it works well, (Schutte & Malouff, 2019).

The Via Character strengths institute pursues on-going research to validate the assessment, and my own research explored the VIA strengths to promote a positive childbirth experience.

You can explore your own strengths here: by taking their free survey. When you receive your email report you can start to properly concentrate on what is GREAT about YOU.

Here are a few ideas of how to use them:

  1. Spend some-time considering how each of your top five strengths work for you? In what ways do they make your heart sing?
  2. How do they help you to achieve your goals?
  3. How might you use them to work on something that you’ve been struggling with?

In my coaching sessions I incorporate strengths theory to guide the programme, making it personalised to you. This promotes a true understanding of the issues at hand and allows for a meaningful solution to emerge.

Strengths theory supports our wellbeing and our development towards our flourishing.

Further Reading

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Recommended Readings

Character Strengths. To explore your character strengths please visit: to complete the free survey. You will receive a report...



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