What is pregnancy coaching?

Mar 8, 2021

Pregnancy can be the most exciting time in your life but it can also be the most terrifying. We may be filled with wonder and awe at our changing body and imagine this little person developing within us for hours and hours. Yet also we can find ourselves concerned about the responsibility of parenthood and all that comes with it.

Being curious about what this new life will mean and how we will change to adapt is a natural response to change.   Our question’s about how we will cope and what will it be like are important to this adaptation. Other questions that emerge may reflect an inner worry that are harder to answer. Questions like: is it relevant to my parenting that I sometimes get annoyed with my washing machine? Surely, it wouldn’t the same with my baby? Is my relationship with my partner going to be good or bad in a family situation? How do I know this? How can I make it happen the way I want it to? Do I want to parent like I was parented?

What about labour and the birth?

Do I need to strive to be like my neighbour who breezed through it as if she were simply wandering through a flowery garden? Or should I be getting prepared to take on this huge challenge and make sure I know about every potential hazard that I may come across?

A pregnancy coaching programme.

As I’m developing a specific programme for women going through some of these thoughts, I wonder about the precious new person coming along for the ride. After recently becoming a grandmother for the first time I am especially interested in promoting fetal health during pregnancy. I believe that by supporting parents through the pregnancy period will encourage that tiny bob of a baby in the womb to grow another beautiful brain cell, and prepare healthily for the next stage. Helping curious mums to create curious babies is a drive and motivation for me that comes from years of respect for the newborn, and for the new parent who is just setting off on a wonderful journey.


Developing your approach to parenting during pregnancy is a fairly new idea. So often we focus solely on the labour and birth and perhaps the first week after birth. But this baby will be your next best friend, someone to nurture and love for-ever, to watch and wonder through a whole new life.

It’s time to support women to thrive in pregnancy.

It has been suggested that a physical detox is a good idea prior to getting pregnant, to rid yourself of the nasty toxins in your gut and wider body. Well, how about a detox for your mind, a health spa for the brain? Can positive mental health promote positive outcomes for the baby? Will it encourage positive health in the post-natal period? Can it reduce complications in pregnancy and childbirth? Or create a healthy start to a positive relationship? We don’t know for sure, but as a midwife in the UK I know that most women face too many challenges during pregnancy from workplace issues to addressing common fears and I feel that it is time to support women to thrive during this period, to enter the world of parenting with eagerness and optimism, and help to create positively thriving families for the future.

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