Pregnancy Coaching

Pregnant and Powerful 

Personalised programmes to help you to find your power through pregnancy and beyond. 

“The best way to create a healthy baby is to heal and care for yourself.”

Supporting the next generation

Developing effective stress management in pregnancy, encourages healthy fetal brain development.

Mindfully strengthening your attachment  through strong and positive interactions with your baby in pregnancy is known to improve your baby’s wellbeing and brain development.

A positive childbirth experience can enhance family relationships and whole family emotional wellbeing.

Have Confidence, Control and Strength.

Planned Programmes 

Life coach

1. Single Psychological or Midwifery Consultation.

→ A one off, hour long session, dedicated to your current need.
→ Written Feedback and brief plan from the session.
→ Twice weekly Text support for 2 weeks

PRICE: £75

2. Avanced Support Package

→ FOUR coaching sessions OVER 8 weeks, (60 mins each).
→ A personalised workbook to support your emotional wellbeing and desired focus, relevant for your stage in pregnancy.
→ Twice weekly Text support for 4 weeks following.

PRICE: £240

2. Personalised Plan

→ We will create a programme that works for you, to support your individual needs.

please see below

PRICE: According to needs


Online Course, with coaching support

→ Psycho-education material to improve emotional agility during your pregnancy and beyond, to support you and your baby’s well-being.
→ 4 one to one coaching support sessions
→ Summaries and updates of your progress
→ Preparation for labour and childbirth
→ Text support

Please contact me for more information.

Also Available

Flexible programme to suit your needs.

After an initial meeting and discovery call, we will arrange a personalised plan together that suits your needs and financial requirements.

My desire is to support your progress and to make it a life change, not just a boost.  

Contact me to find out what this means for you. 


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Your Health during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is such an exciting time, but is also found to be a time for increased stress. So many new pressures arise from such an important and life changing event. Some common concerns are:

Fears of health issues for you and your baby

Feelings of uncertainty going forward into a new identity as a parent


Additional challenges as your family extends


Physical changes causing discomfort or difficulty in daily activities


Financial constraints


Anxiety around labour and birth


Fear following a first difficult birth


Strained social relationships and


Work related problems


Worry about a lack of congruence between your preferred style of parenting and how you were parented


All the usual concerns and worries of life that don’t go away simply because you are pregnant.


And to top it all you have the worry about the worry!!

Sometimes, in early pregnancy with the excitement of a new journey and focus, we cleverly push these feelings aside, but they may re-emerge, fear not, help is at hand. At any stage in your pregnancy we can work together to build your stress management skills using positive psychology as a framework. These skills will carry through to support your parenting and stress management going forward.

Many women would just like some extra support during pregnancy and are keen to give their baby the best start by having a physical and psychological detox. This all fits with the very latest research connecting to the science of epigenetics. You can read more about that on the resource page.

My own research focused on using positive psychology towards a positive childbirth experience, providing yet another reason to jump in and start flourishing in your pregnancy.

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