Jo made me feel very comfortable and relaxed in my sessions as she was very professional and non judgmental.  I always doubted myself and turned to others to give me answers even if it’s not what I wanted to hear.  I feel much more confident in making decisions, I feel the coaching has worked, I now feel much more relaxed and confident and it has paid off as I fell pregnant!  Thank you Jo I really think it’s because of your help.  



Professional, Capable and Kind

Jo is professional, capable and kind, she is focused on working with you to help you meet your goals while paying attention to your personal needs. Working with her through my concerns about career development has given me confidence and solace that I will succeed whatever I chose to do.

You have been very flexible and accommodating, which is hugely appreciated. I really appreciate the effort you put in to help and support me, going above and beyond the call of duty even when I wasn’t fully engaged.
Thank you Jo.

It's really easy to open up to Jo.

Jo has had a positive influence on my life. I was introduced to her at a point where I was flailing and just about keeping my head above water.  She has helped me worked through my anxieties and progress towards my goals. 
Jo is incredibly easy to talk to. We have not met face to face and yet through the power of zoom, we have been able to connect. It is really easy to open up to her.
T Morgan

I have gained confidence in my ability.

Working with Jo through my concerns about career development has given me confidence and solace that I will succeed whatever I chose to do. Her help and direction has been invaluable in a time of uncertainty, providing assurance and self-reliance. The ideas and skills she brough to the session will continue to be of use to me as I progress my career, helping me see connections applications of skills I have.

A Joy to Work With

Jo is an absolute joy to work with! She is kind and helpful. She helps you to understand your own personal blocks to a situation. She is wonderful at helping you to brainstorm and is a great motivator and accountability partner.



Positive, encouraging and a great listener

Jo has been very positive, encouraging and a great listener. She’s led by example – demonstrating the sage – and has been incredibly supportive when I’ve encountered challenges.

Jayne R


Supportive, knowledgeable and enthusiastic

Jo is very supportive, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the course. She is very good at guiding you through the different stages. She has a very cosy and private space for one-to-one sessions.

Linda S


Approachable, adaptive, excellent

Jo is an excellent and extremely knowledgeable coach. Her guidance and support have helped me get through very challenging moments in my life. She has taught me about the importance of self-awareness and the acceptance of variety of feelings. Her approachable and adaptive nature made every session very effective. 



Jo understands me

Jo is a midwife who worked in the NHS and is married to a medic.  I am a medic, struggling with the NHS, my children and suffering with longstanding complications post labour. Jo understands me.  I didn’t have to overexplain what working in the NHS is like, nor birth trauma nor how you manage being a parent and also a medic. This made it so much easier to get to the root of my issues and focus on what I need to progress.

T Morgan


Motivating, caring and professional

Jo has been nothing short of excellent throughout all my sessions, extremally motivating, caring and professional.

I really appreciated that the location of the sessions was always suited to my needs, whether it was walking through the woods, swimming or admiring most amazing views from the top of the hill. It was so useful to receive a summary from Jo after each session, which helped me stay focused on my goals.

I also benefited from lovely cuddles with her dog, Brodi, who had such a calming effect on me.



Thoughtful, encouraging and compassionate

Jo is a thoughtful guide as you journey through new territory. She has helped me to grasp the fundamentals of the PQ process and supported me every step of the way. Jo is very encouraging and will listen to what you are experiencing and help you to continue to move forward in your journey. She doesn’t solve your puzzle but gently encourages you to use the tools you are learning to understand. She thoughtfully points out what might be happening when you experience what you think is a set back and helps you to see it as an opportunity. She is compassionate through what you are experiencing but helps to keep you on track too. 

Warm, insightful and approachable

 I am SO glad I joined the Positive Intelligence course! This 6 week course has helped me identify my maladaptive thought patterns and provided me with the tools to replace these old habits. The course is intensive enough that you facilitate real change, and accessible enough (in terms of content access and demands) that you actually achieve your goals each day. The daily practice & journal, coupled with weekly video, reading and pod (support) group meetings worked really well, and I got so much support and guidance from each element. Jo, the course leader, is so knowledgable and effective as a coach. I found her warm, insightful and approachable. I’ve already made great progress towards my own personal goals, and have noticed a change in my attitude to things that trigger me on a daily basis. I found the initial 6 week course so helpful that I’ve decided to continue with the Grow programme, and have already completed some of the more advanced modules. Positive Intelligence can and will help me in every facet of life! I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to feel calmer, happier & more focussed.

Amy F


Reliable and supportive, with an amazing ability to get the best out of you.

Jo has been reliable and supportive throughout my engagement with the course. She has an amazing way of getting the best out of you and has truly inspired me to continue the journey working on my own mental fitness.